HPI Pioneer

HPI Pioneer

tti-012Since 1974, PIONEER has delivered world class tool and work holding products, earning a reputation built on unsurpassed service, custom solutions, and innovation. We endeavor to supply our customers with the finest quality and most sophisticated tool holders and other products at competitive prices so that our customers can stay abreast in an ever-changing and competitive world.

You can be sure that you will find products with the best in quality, performance and in technology that are available in the world today. Pioneer offers the finest quality tool holders with many options providing an accuracy of 3 Microns or better.

tti-029We understand the engineering intricacies that vary by industry. That’s why Pioneer actively invests in research and development to enhance our already superior line of products and allow for development of individualized solutions. We are continuously working to expand our available product lines by listening to our customers while staying on top of market trends and new technology.

We believe that a quality tool requires quality balance and are uncompromising in our pursuit to provide the most cost effective work holding in the market, going above and beyond the industry standard.

Why? Because we know that higher accuracy results in superior outcomes, while also reducing wear and tear, and ultimately saving our customers money by extending their tool life. Whatever your need, we have your business covered with our Premium and Standard product lines.

We have the following product lines:

  • Rotary Table Systems – Yukiwa and Pioneer put the highest level of technology and engineering together to build the CNC Rotary Tables that have the power to perform. Download our Catalog here.
  • Tool Holding Systems – Our tool holding equipment provides premium performance because we ensure we have the ultimate precision, bearing-less design, over-tightening eliminated, low profile, powerful specs, vibration dampening to ensure you have performance million. Download our Catalog here.
  • Air & Diaphragm Chucks – Our high precision air chucks have been contributing to the progress of HI-Tech Industries such as automobile, aircraft, computer, OA equipment, communication equipment, etc. Our air chucks have been proved highly reliable among many customers thanks to the excellent accuracy, performance and quality. Download our Catalog here.

We are passionate about providing our customers the latest, most sophisticated technology to guarantee a competitive advantage. We guarantee better performance through increased consistency and accuracy and invite you to explore the Pioneer difference.

All of our products have our uncompromising support and back-up, world-wide through our own world-wide organizations and in partnership with our overseas partners.

We Provide the Knowledge & Expertise to Implement the Tools!

Contact us via Email or call us direct at 1-800-234-9183

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