tti-014KYOCERA Precision Tools, Inc. (KPTI) unifies two of the world’s leading cutting tool manufacturers, Kyocera Tycom Corporation (KTC) and the Cutting Tool Division of Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation (KICC-CT). The creation of KPTI establishes a combined enterprise that optimizes the strengths of both organizations and facilitates expansion of Kyocera’s overall cutting tool-related business in North America.

tti-031The new combined entity unifies cutting tool resources to create greater efficiencies while positioning the new organization for continued success. Customers benefit from a unified sales and support team offering excellent customer service and an expanded portfolio of cutting tool products and solutions for the automotive, aerospace, general machining, medical, power generation, printed circuit board and steel markets.

Kyocera’s Cutting Tool Division is the market leader in Japan and a leading supplier of high-quality tooling solutions in North America with plants in Ohio, North Carolina, and Washington. Kyocera manufactures a diversified product line of turning, milling, Swiss, and drilling products. Our indexable inserts and steel products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and include coated and uncoated carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN and PCD.

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Kyocera’s continuous investment and focus on R&D has resulted in market beating products such as our innovative CVD coated CA45-Series for cast iron, CA55-series for steel and CA65-series for stainless steel, our high performance MECH helical endmills, our highly acclaimed MFPN high-efficiency 10-edged face mill, and most recently our new line of MEGACOAT carbide, cermet, CBN and ceramic tools, just to name a few.


We have the following product lines:

Indexable Cutting Tools – Kyocera Precision Tools is a leading manufacturer of indexable End Mills, Face Mills, Drills, Grooving, and Turning tools used around the world in diverse markets such as the automotive, medical, oil, and aerospace industries. View our newest innovations in the product categories below. Download our Drilling Catalog here.

Solid Round Cutting Tools – Since 1987, Kyocera has designed and manufactured tight tolerance carbide cutting tools and miniature parts for a broad range of markets including the electronics, industrial, medical and aerospace industries. We offer high-volume CNC grinding consistency in diameters from 0.0015″ (38um) to 0.264″ (6.70mm), tolerances as tight as 0.00025″ (.6um) and superior surface finishes. Download our Milling Catalog here.

Printed Circuit Board Cutting Tools – Kyocera Tycom designs and manufactures tight tolerance carbide cutting tools for PCB applications. Our products include drills, routers, end mills, and specialized cutting tools ranging from 0.05 mm to 6.70 mm diameters (0.0020″ – 0.2638″). Download our Turning Catalog here.

Kyocera Tycom is also the world leader in the area of drill resharpening and tool management services. A focus on our customer’s tool utilization has led to technology developments that significantly extend tool life and reduce drilling cost.


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